About Us

After over 12 years in the game, we got tired of the cheesy lines, gimmicks, and double-dealing. We’d had enough of watching agencies pitching their clients the same repetitive solutions that just didn’t work.

We broke out of the hamster cage and decided to take a different approach. A better one.

  1. Our Goal:

    To empower our clients to stand by their brand instead of mimicking the competition.

  2. Our Vision:

    To change the world one brand message at a time.

  3. Our Obsession:

    Crafting clever content and snappy strategies that you can count on.

Our Story

We’re proof positive that you can change your narrative and successfully pivot from one approach to another. Ke studied photography, now she’s a strategy whizz. Sim studied linguistics, now she’s creating stories instead of re-telling them.

We’ve been working in the fields of marketing and content writing for 12 years, both together and apart. Frankly, we’ve seen some sh1t. We’ve watched countless businesses burn while some or other marketing agency or writing firm lit the match. Ethically, we just couldn’t take it any more. So, we decided to put our combined 25 years of experience to good use.

It’s taken us a good while to learn some powerful lessons. We want to pass our learnings on to our clients. Content marketing isn’t a quick sprint. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a journey of constant experimentation, thinking outside of the box, and taking the occasional risk to get that biscuit.


“The English language is my first love. The cadence of a sentence, the playfulness of idiomatic expression, the power of connotation… There’s so much to learn and to explore.

I studied Literature and Linguistics, completely settled on the idea of pursuing an academic future. During my first year of varsity, I found a job ad for SEO content writing pinned on the noticeboard. What started out as a way to earn some extra cash on the side quickly became an obsession. While I did eventually pursue teaching and lecturing positions, I always found my way back to my trusty, patient keyboard.

Fast forward a decade or so and I’ve worked with marketing agencies, writing firms, and authors around the globe. Fuelled by cheese, folk metal, and copious amounts of tea, I’m always happy to tackle a new creative challenge.”


“When I was younger, I read that if you find work that you’re passionate about, you’ll never work a day in your life. I didn’t find that work – it found me.

I stumbled into marketing and content writing completely by accident, and never looked back.

Getting my start in an extremely corporate, high-pressure environment and spending some years after that in a far less corporate, but no less intense, award-winning marketing agency, I’ve learned to love a challenge.

My agency years also taught me many of the skills I make use of today, and were the catalyst for my unhealthy relationship with caffeine.”